Saturday, November 24, 2012

I've been negligent, I know. It's been several weeks since I posted here. I started with real determination to post twice weekly here.

But LIFE keeps getting in the way of blogging.

So, I'm stepping back for a few months. I am struggling at this time with hard decisions regarding the use of my time - those 24 wee hours that God gives me every day. I want to use those hours doing the work He has called me to do, becoming the person He has called me to become.

I won't be posting here again for several months - probably April. By then "Encouraging Words" will be a distant memory for you. But I trust that you'll welcome me back into the Blogosphere when the time is right for me to return.

Before I leave you, a word about PiBoIdMo, please:

Today is Nov. 24 and I have 19 picture book ideas recorded. I have some catching up to do, but I'm doing much better than I did last year.

It's been a vastly productive use of my time.

I must admit that it is liberating to simply "come up with ideas" that might make great picture books. It takes a lot of pressure off me.

But I'm also surprised that some of the ideas are already sprouting in my head. Some of them already have compelling main characters. Some of them already have plots complete with conflict and resolution.

Most already have a theme on which to float their plots.

Thanks, Tara! PiBoIdMo is a wonderful idea for me. I intend to record 30 ideas or die trying! [LOL]

And, I plan to be back next November with my imagination in battle formation.

I pray, Dear Reader, that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, that you celebrated God's rich blessings with family and friends and lots of delicious food. Is there a better way to celebrate the extravagant bounty God has given us?

I also pray you'll have a Christmas filled with the people you love, the traditions you enjoy, and the Savior you adore.


quietspirit said...

2Dear Lord: Please help Jean with the life issues that face her. Guide her to use her time as You want her to. We will give You the praise when she can look back on this time and say "God was in that time." In the name of Jesus, I pray, AMEN

Linda A. said...

Do what you need to do. We understand. We'll look for the day you come back.

Carol Baldwin said...

Hooray for ideas that have sprouted wings in your imagination! I will continue to pray for the Lord's guidance in how to use your time. hugs to you!