Thursday, October 11, 2012

What I'm Writing

I'm not a huge fan of the World Olympics. I may watch a few minutes here or there of the televised Summer or Winter Olympics. But I'm not enamored with them.

I admire the commitment, the focus, the personal discipline of Olympians, however. They all seem to live their lives from childhood into young adulthood dedicated to the single purpose of becoming Olympians - of earning the coveted medals.

Brigetta Barrett - Twitter
In Decision (the publication of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association) this month I read an article about Brigetta Barrett, a track and field Olympian from the USA.

In the article she is quoted as saying, "It's not about what I do, but it's about what God can do through what I'm doing."

That got me to thinking about the things I do, one of which is write. I love writing. I enjoy finding the perfect word for a sentence. I enjoy creating stories or articles that evoke certain emotions from readers. I enjoy the music of words when they fit together beautifully.

I say I write to please the Lord. And I do. But I still get caught up in the emotions of writing. I'm thrilled and proud when I open the cover of a book or magazine and see MY name in the byline. I still feel the frustration of trying to SHOW my readers exactly what I mean without TELLING them what I mean.

I still feel butterflies when I hear my words read aloud to a group. I still feel humbled when a reader tells me the words I penned inspired or comforted her.

And I still feel disgusted and depressed and inadequate each time I get a rejection, or, worse yet, each month I wait and wait and wait for a response from an editor, and I hear that big, fat NOTHING.

Brigetta's words went straight to my heart when I read them" "It's not about what I do, but it's about what God can do through what I'm doing."

Can I say, "It's not about what I write, but it's about what God can say through what I'm writing?"

...what God can say through what I'm writing.

A hermaneutics' thesis
A biography
A "Chicken Soup" story
A devotional
An article or feature in a newspaper
A column
An apologetics essay
A blog post
A "how to" book
A picture book
A sermon
A mystery
A romance
A historical fiction
A non-fiction book for kids
A story or activity for a take-home Sunday School paper
A recipe book for my family
A letter of encouragement
An early chapter book
An apology
A rebus
A poem
A literary novel

Have I left anything out?

What can God say through what I am writing?

If I give it to Him BEFORE I click one key, or make one scribble the potential for my words is...


Because He is limitless.

That encourages me a lot!

What have you seen God do with YOUR words? Will you please share with us?


Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks, Jean. A great way to start my writing day!

Linda A. said...

It has been delightful to create for Christian publications. Currently, I have a story idea I want to write for Pockets. I have selected one of their themes to build the story around. It may not sell, but I'm certainly going to try.