Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Gift to You, Dear Reader/Writer

I Prayed Especially For You

 by Jean Matthew Hall

I prayed especially for you today

Not just one of those “lay me down to sleep” prayers

But a heart-felt, yearning prayer.

My heart stretched up toward heaven.

It strained to touch the Throne of Grace,

To see a wisp of God’s answer in your life.


I prayed especially for you today

Not a quick “Lord, bless them” kind of prayer

But a hope-filled, pleading prayer.

My heart cried for your future

Then softly laid it at the Feet of Grace

To trust God’s heaped up answer in your life.

I pray the vibrant beauty of this season will be a reflection of God's beautiful work within you, my friends.



Cheryl Barker said...

Beauty to you, too, Jean!

Linda A. said...

Thank you very much Jean. This is lovely and so sweet of you. You should consider sending this message to a greeting card company! I'm being FOR REAL.

Carol Baldwin said...

Thank you Jean, and I prayed for the Lord's direction for you!

quietspirit said...

Thank you, I need them right now. Not feeling well.

Jean said...

You are so welcomed, QS. Blessings on your health!


Jean said...

You are welcomed, Carol.

Thank you for being my true friend - one who is not afraid to tell me the truth when I need to hear it!


Jean said...

Linda, thank you for your kind words. I might just do as you suggest.