Monday, October 29, 2012

I've done it.

I've registered for PiBoIdMo 2012.

November is the official Picture Book Idea Month - PiBoIdMo!

Yep. I'm joining a few hundred other followers of Tara Lazar's blog Writing for Kids (While Raising Them) in her challenge to come up with 30 picture book ideas in the 30 days of November. Sort of an autumn brain-storming for those of us who love picture books and aspire to see our names on a lulscious book jacket one day.

I registered last year and started out with a BANG! But soon fizzled out. I really want to be more dedicated to it this year. 30 ideas in 30 days might not be 30 great ideas, but I'm bound to generate 3 or 4 great ones, right?

[Here's where you respond with an enthusiastic, "YES!"]

So, I'm keeping a PiBoIdMo 2012 Journal for my 30 brilliant (or at least glimmering) ideas in November.

I'm even holding myself accountable to post here each week about my ideas. (I'm really going public with this thing! Somebody hold me accountable, PLEASE)

If you are interested in throwing a few shovels of fertilizer on your imagination join us.

Register at Writing for Kids (While Raising Them). But hurry! Registration closes on November 4, 2012. You don't want to miss the fun.


Linda A. said...

Look forward to hearing about your fun during the contest month. I signed up for PiBoIdMo too! I'm sure you'll enter many great writing ideas in your notebook during November. Some ideas may even take on wings and become longer works if they are too mature for the picture book group. Enjoy!

quietspirit said...

Good for you, Jean. I felt your enthusiasm as I read your post. Remember,this writing thing is not a sprint. We have plan for the long haul.

Jean said...

Yeah! I have someone to hold my feet to the fire, now!

Remind me of how much I want to do this, please. :-)


Jean said...

Thanks, QS. Thanks for the reminder - slow and steady wins the race.