Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Blogger Award

Recently my blogging buddy, Cecelia Lester, passed along to me and a few other bloggers the Liebster Award.

I am such a forget ninny sometimes that I forgot the thank her for that.

So, A BIG THANK YOU! to Cecelia for honoring me as one of her favorite bloggers. You can read Cecelia's beautiful, sincere devotionals at her blog, Following My King. Her heartfelt words often reach out across space and time to touch my heart.

Cecelia, I hope that we can meet face-to-face someday before we greet each other in heaven.

Her gift to me set me to thinking. The Internet is such an abstract idea. How do we picture "the Internet" anyway? Is it some massive complex of invisible wires?  It is a cosmos all its own of waves and curves and signals?  [You're reading the ideas of a total Internet Illiterate here.] Is it bytes and gigs and thing-a-ma-jigs floating around our Universe?

As you can tell, I DO have an imagination.

For me the Internet has become a welcomed source of information. It has broadened my options considerably for research, for reading and for writing. 

But the Internet is more. It is becoming a vessel for community to me. I make business contacts via "The Web," it's  true. But I also make friends. I chat with family. I share news--good and bad. I extend comfort and congratulations, and, occasionally, conflict.

So, thank you, Cecelia, for reminding me  that we bloggers are a community. We support each other with comments and awards and free give-a-ways. We link to each other, encourage each other and help each other to grow.

As writers, as bloggers, as professionals, as friends.

Now, I must do my duty and pass the LIEBSTER AWARD along to other bloggers. Here are the rules:

  1. Thank your Liebster Award  presenter and link back to her/his blog. CHECK.
  2. Copy and paste the Award into my blog. CHECK.
  3. Present the Award to 5 more bloggers with fewer than 200 followers. (That covers most of us, doesn't it?) CHECK.
  4. Notify those bloggers of their Award. ON MY WAY TO DO THAT NOW.
Congratulations! to Kristi Butler A Matter of Grace.

To Susan Panzica at Eternity Cafe. 

To my little sister Rose at Rose Photography-Art - gorgeous thoughts and images.

And to my good buddy Linda Anderson at A Writer's Playground.

Drop in, dear readers, and tell them that Jean sent you.


Linda A. said...


Wow! Little 'ol me! I'm honored. Thanks so much! What a wonderful surprise. Now, I get to award others. Thank you again.

By the way, I start tutoring this morning. I'm so happy.

Jean said...


You are just too welcomed!


Kristi Butler said...

Jean, thank you so much!! What an honor!! You are so sweet!
Love you!

Jean said...

We're just a couple of old sweeties, aren't we?