Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Great Writer's Conference Experience Part 2

I'm back, writing friends, with more info about the workshops at The Writer's Plot 2012 Conference.

Alan Gratz 
Words from Alan Gratz

Alan is a highly successful children’s/young adults’ author right here in the Carolinas. His presentation was fun and informative. If you ever get the chance to hear him (like at the SCBWI-C Conference this September) DO!

Alan drilled into our brains the Three-Act plot and its structure. He’s had great success using this format as his basic approach to plotting – but, with his own personal twists on it, of course! As he and most of the other presenters said, “You gotta’ know the rules before you can break the rules!”

Alan’s workshop gave me several Eureka! moments regarding my current WIP novel.

Do I need to rearrange some of my chapters? Do I need to ratchet up the struggles in places? Is my “Tent Pole” chapter in the right place to keep the middle of the plot from sagging? Is that event powerful enough to do the job? Do I need to add a chapter or two? Do I need to expand certain scenes?

Like Alan says, “Life is too short for boring books.”

I think his thoughts and suggestions might just rescue my WIP from being one of those boring books.

Thanks, Alan.

Edie Melson & friends
Edie Melson

A social networker I am NOT!

A Face Book fan, or friend or whatever I am NOT!

I AM a Tweeter who hardly ever Tweets, and that’s not good!

However, I DO blog regularly, after two long years of silence. Hmmmm...does that even count?

Edie’s workshop “Life of a 21st Century Wordsmith: Social Media Marketing for Writers” was the last nail for me. Her comments piled on top of comments from practically everyone I know as friends and family finally convinced me that I need a Face Book page (or two.)

(What AM I thinking???)

She gave us some tips on using our time wisely online. I hope I can stick to them.

I especially appreciated Edie’s emphasis on RELATIONSHIPS as the focus of social networking – not sales, not professional contacts – but relationships.

“Just remember the good manners your grandmother tried to teach you and you’ll do well with electronic social media,” according to Edie.

Thanks for the push off the diving board, Edie. I’ll see you in the deep end!

Next Tuesday I’ll share some wisdom from picture book author (for 40 years) Pat Thomas. I can hardly wait.


Linda A. said...

Glad to hear that Alan's workshop gave you some pointers that you'll apply to your manuscripts. Sounds like this was a great event.

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks for sharing this, Jean. Particularly liked to hear what you learned in the social media workshop. SO does this mean that I'll see you on FB now? WHen you go there, friend me! And yes, make it about others (which you do so well anyway) and not just yourself. That is key.

Edie Melson said...

Wow! Jean you've provided a highpoint for me. I've just been mentioned in the same post as Alan Gratz! I had a blast at the conference and think Pam Zollman did a GREAT job. Thanks for your kind remarks and for what you do through the conference you direct. Blessings, E

Jean said...

You're right, Linda. It was a day well worth the investment of time and money.

Are you coming to the SCBWI-C conference in Sept.?


Jean said...

Yep. I've decided to join FB. Haven't done it yet. But I've scheduled a day this week to join.

I finally caved in.


Jean said...

You are so welcomed, Edie.

When it comes to social media I hear that you ARE the wo-man!


Linda A. said...

I don't know if I'm coming to the conference yet. I had a job interview today. This may determine things for me. If I get the job, I'll do my best to attend the conference. Cross fingers.

quietspirit said...

Jean: I have a FB page. I have had the fleeting thought to start another one just for my writing ministry. But, I have qualms about the time, I spend on there.

Jean said...

I'll be praying about that job! I hope to see you in Sept.


Jean said...

I, too, have concerns about the investment of time, QS. I'll look you up when I get going.


Kristi Butler said...

Jean, so proud of you for taking the Facebook leap!! Edie has a way of talking us into things like that!! Friend me!!
Love you!

Jean said...

Thanks, Kristi.

We'll see how happy I am about it in about a week. :-)