Thursday, June 14, 2012

Blog Resurrection

After almost a year absent from the blogosphere I am resurrecting Encouraging Words for Writers. The format will be different, but the purpose will be the same. I will blend poetry, Scripture, photographs, quotes and my own musings to:

  • Encourage you to write what God has put into your heart and life,
  • Inform you and help you to grow as a writer, and
  • Inspire you to cultivate the mindset of Christ and to let it inform your world view and your writing.
Encouraging Words for Writers will officially rise from the grave on Monday, June18, 2012.

See you then.


Donna Earnhardt said...

YAYAYAY! When I got an email from your blog the other day, I was happily surprised...then sad when I realized it was an old post. But now, I'm happy again! NEW Posts! YAYAYAYAY!!!! Can't wait. :)

Cheryl Barker said...

Nice to see you back, Jean! Will look forward to all you have to share!

Jean said...

Thanks, Donna. Such a warm welcome!

Thank you, too, Cheryl. I'm enjoying your newsletter, too.

I hope to get back to visiting other blogs on a regular basis.

We need each other.


quietspirit said...

I had the same reaction when I saw your email to me. Then to see it was an old entry. I knew you had an answer about it. Glad to know you are coming back to blogging.

Jean said...

I try, QS. So glad you left a comment.

Blessings on your writing!