Friday, February 4, 2011

Interviews with Publishers and Agents at Conferences

You’re headed for a writer’s Conference (maybe Write2Ignite! ) and you want to be prepared. You want to meet with some editors and agents, for sure. And you want to wow them with your fantastic ideas.

Guess what! That is the reason those folks are at the conference. They really want to hear about your work, listen to your ideas and give you feedback. At almost every conference attendees have the opportunity to sign up for 15 minute appointments with editors, agents and authors. Taking full advantage of those opportunities by signing up with more than one person is a smart thing to do. After all, the more you talk about your stories the more comfortable you will be with them. Talking about them will help you define and refine those brilliant ideas.

So, just how do you prepare for those appointments? Creating any of the following tools and having them ready for your appointments can go a long way.

Business Cards – If there’s no time to order them, you can print some dandy looking cards on your own computer by purchasing kits at your local office supplies store. However, VistaPrint and other online sources are very affordable options if you have time for shipping.

One Sheets – Print out a few copies of a One Sheet for each manuscript. Keep it simple, professional, and only one page in length. Whip it out and show it to the editors or agents. This article is short and gives great tips for creating your own One Sheet.

Elevator Pitches – Can you summarize your genre, your story, and your target audience in one 90 second pitch? Here’s a terrific article that will help you with the job.

Hooks – To grab an editor’s or agent’s attention in person or in a query or proposal every manuscript needs an attention grabbing hook. My friend Donna seems to have a knack for creating these, but I need lots of help! These articles are very useful for those of us who are “hook-writing-challenged.”

So, are you ready for those one-on-one interviews?

Prepare. Practice. Pray. Relax. Smile.

Be yourself - your best possible self, and leave the results to God.

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wordwranglernc said...

GOOD STUFF, JEAN! I tweeted the link to this post. I didn't know about the "sheets". I'm going to check that out!

Linda A. said...

Hi Jean,

Lots to study here! I want to be sure to read the onesheets article. There is plenty more to research too. What a wealth of information.

Thank you!