Friday, August 27, 2010

Non-Fiction Info

Another list! I can't help it; it's the teacher in me. This blog is like one cyber-sized chalkboard!

Follow the links for some interesting information about writing non-fiction for kids. Some are NF author sites, some are NF publishers, some are lists of publishers, some are articles about the craft of writing NF, and more.

Enjoy! And remember, just like with popcorn and jelly beans, it’s nice to share with your friends.


Linda A. said...


Here I was wondering about other resources to spotlight for Write2Ignite readers and I get this great list from you. What a blessing you are. A great list and served with popcorn too.

Linda A.

Carol Baldwin said...

love the popcorn and jelly beans analogy! Will bookmark to share this info with others alter! Thanks. carol