Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Ka-Zillion Magazines for Kids

This should keep you busy for a while! If you're really wanting to be a published writer start by researching these children's magazines. Read their Guidelines CAREFULLY, read several recent issues of a magazine before you try writing for it. Then follow their Guidelines EXACTLY.

Here's a short list to get you started. There really are a Ka-zillion more to choose from. Some are paying markets, some are not. But they ALL represent writing credits for your resume or proposals.

Oh! Feel free to share the link to this post with other children's writers, please! Just copy the info in the browser window at the top of this page, then paste it into a message to all of your writerly friends.


Carus Publishing – go to http://www.cricketmag.com/home.asp - Click on ABOUT US, click on SUBMISSION GUIDELINES. Click on the appropriate magazine title.

The Kid’s Ark – go to http://www.thekidsark.com/index.html - Click on WRITER GUIDELINES.

Fun For Kidz – go to http://funforkidzmagazines.com// - Scroll to the bottom of the home page and click on WRITERS. Click on the appropriate magazine title.

Guardian Angel Kids – go to http://guardian-angel-kids.com// - On the left side banner click on SUBMISSION GUIDELINES & INFO.

Guide magazine – go to http://www.guidemagazine.org/ - Click on ABOUT US (at the top), then SUBMISSION GUIDELINES.

Highlights – go to http://www.highlights.com/contributor-guidelines?iCategoryID=203&CCNavIDs=3,203 for Guidelines. Click on http://www.highlightskids.com/OLIndex/h8guestKidsIndex.asp for the Index of Highlight magazine articles.

Imagination CafĂ© – go to http://www.imagination-cafe.com/index.cfm - Scroll to the bottom of the Home page and click on CONTACT US, then click on SUBMISSIONS.

KidZone – go to http://www.scottpublications.com/kz/ - Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on CONTACT US. To the bottom right you’ll see a submit button for queries.

Listen – go to http://www.listenmagazine.org// - Click on WRITER’S GUIDELINES at the top of the page.

Nature Friend – go to http://www.naturefriendmagazine.com// - Click on CONTRIBUTOR and select from the drop down menu.

Bumples – go to http://www.bumples.com/Default.aspx - Scroll to the bottom of the Home page, under COMPANY click on WRITER’S GUIDELINES.

Pockets – go to http://pockets.upperroom.org/ - At the top of the Home page click on MORE THEMES. Be sure when you submit that you specify which theme you are addressing in your story or article. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on WRITERS GUIDELINES.

Popcorn - go to http://www.popcornmagazine.net/index.php - Click on ABOUT US. Under GET PUBLISHED click on the appropriate link.

Skipping Stones – go to http://www.skippingstones.org/ - On the left side banner click on GUIDELINES FOR ADULTS.

Devo Zine – go to http://www.upperroom.org/devozine/2010/janfeb/default.asp?week=9&issue=653441 – Click on WRITERS’ CORNER, then on the right side click on the appropriate link.

YES – go to http://www.yesmag.ca/ - Click on CONTACT US, then click on the appropriate link.


Linda A. said...


I passed these markets to some writerly friends. Thanks for passing them on to your readers. Yay!

Have any of them brought publication to you? I keep trying with Highlights. They are considering a game idea at this time. That's a good thing.

Linda A.

Crystal Laine Miller said...

This is awesome, Jean. I'll send my friends to your blog! Very generous list.

I like the format of your blog, too. Nice job!

Kristi Butler said...

Wow!! You've been doing your homework!!! Thanks, Jean!!!

May we all join you pursuing avenues to share the message that God lays on our hearts!!


Mary Sayler, Poetry Of Course said...

Poets and writers often ask me where they can find good markets for their poems, stories, articles, and books for children. Thanks for doing the research, Jean, and giving us one hotlink to a fine list of links.