Friday, January 22, 2010

Take Joy

I saw the title Take Joy:A Writer's Guide To Loving the Craft on the list and double clicked. Then I noticed the author's name--Jane Yolen. I usually mull over purchases for a while, but not this one. Without even reading the blurb I ordered it.

I admire Jane Yolen as an author. I admire her impressive body of published works. I admire her skill which I think is almost unequalled. I enjoy with every part of me every PB she has to her credit--every time I re-read them. They are poetic in the truest sense of the word. So, I decided that I would definitely learn something from this little title.

I read so often that writing is laborious, it is agony, it is hard, hard work. I know those things are true. I know because I experience it. But I do grow weary of hearing so often from so many sources how agonizing it is write for publication.

I'm almost finished with this book and Yolen does acknowledge the difficulties and struggles of being an author. BTW-she makes a clear distinction between being a "writer" and an "author" in an interesting way. However, her emphasis is on the great joy she chooses to find in the writing process. On page 4 she says:

"I contend it is not the writing that makes writers miserable. It is the emphasis on publication."

That gives me hope. Like Yolen I don't want to spend the rest of my life in agony. I choose to write joyfully.

I am enjoying every page of this book. Much of what she says strikes a harmonious chord with my own thoughts. But Yolen says it so much better than I can! Next Friday I'll try to give you some specifics about the book along with my reactions.

For now, I'm harnessed to the final sentence of her first "chapter."

"Do not be afraid to grab hold of the experience with both hands and take joy." (p. 12)

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Anonymous said...


I love Jane Yolen's quote about grabbing on with both hands. The writing experience is a fantastic ride. I am glad God called me to take this journey, aren't you?

Linda A.

jean Fischer said...

Hi, Jean.

I was delighted to have lunch with Jane Yolen when I was in college. She is a warm, interesting person with such a passion for writing and writing well.

I am eager to read her book. Thank you for making me aware of it.


Cheryl Barker said...

Jean, I'm not familiar with Jane Yolen but like what you're telling me so far. Will be interested to hear more after you finish her book. Always like to discover a helpful and inspiring book for writers.