Friday, December 11, 2009

25 Days, 26 Ways To Make This Your Best Christmas Ever is a handy little reminder of what Christmas is about--Jesus and our commemorating Him and His incarnation.

The book is designed to be read one chapter a day December 1 - December 25 to help the reader focus on some aspect of celebrating a Christmas centered on Christ. Author Ace Collins weaves several common elements into each chapter. He intertwines a thread of history, a thread of music in the form of a traditional Christmas carol, a thread of language by explaining 17th Century meanings for the lyrics of that carol, a thread of contemporary thought that drags us away from celebrating Christ at Christmas, a thread of some common Christmas symbol, and a thread of very practical suggestions to draw us back to the things we should celebrate at Christmas time.

The short chapters focus on the real reasons to celebrate: Christ our Savior, love, joy, hope, peace, family, friends, traditions, memories, generosity, and more.

I found the history and etymology very interesting. His comments on the phrase "Merry Christmas" were especially meaningful to me. It seems that in Old English the term "Merry" actually had many shades of meaning. One common use of the word meant mighty  Mighty. Now that puts a whole new slant on wishing others a "Merry Christmas," doesn't it?

And, according to Mr. Collins, mistletoe started out as a sacred gift that represented life, hope, and security. Quite a trip from our contemporary giggles about being kissed under a sprig of green.

The topics he chose to discuss include the usual (trees, lights, mistletoe, sugar cookies) and some neglected Holiday topics like ridding ourselves of anger, lonliness, and embracing commercialism as an opportunity to witness for Christ.

Each day's reading is short, interesting, and to the point. Great for reminding me (and you, dear reader) to keep the "Christ" in Christmas. Even if we substitute X (the Greek letter Chi) on paper we need to keep the One who is represented by the X in our hearts and display Him in our lives, especially at Christmas time.

You'll enjoy it and I'll bet it's not to late for you to start reading late & catch up before December 25.

I wish you a Mighty Christmas, dear readers. A Mighty, Mighty Christmas.


wordwranglernc said...

great post (here and over on your friend's blog)! :)

hope your day is full of peace and joy and the magnificent presence of the Lord!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the great book review and wonderful Christmas wish. It is Mighty, Mighty Christmas time.

Linda A.

Kristi Butler said...

And a Mighty Christmas to you too!! Great review...and beautiful writing of your own!

You are a treasure!
Love you!

Cheryl Barker said...

Love the thought of a Mighty Christmas -- wow!