Friday, October 30, 2009

Autumn Dirge

In the chill of the year
Since ages old
God dips His brush in red and gold

And sweeps it over the canvas of the earth.


The trees once decked
In peaceful green

Take on deep hues incarnadine

And dance in saffron gowns the year’s last mirth.

Soon stark they’ll stand
In robeless shame

Arms outstretched, poor naked frames

To shiver in the snow, and wait new birth.


Amy Tate said...

Oh how beautiful! I needed that after being cooped up all week.

WordWrangler said...

Jean - That is beautiful. I love the pics that go with the text. And the word "incarnadine" is just fabulous. FABULOUS!!

What a gorgeous poem to start my Saturday!!


Kristi Butler said...

Love those words!!! And pictures!! Awe inspiring!

Tee Brown said...

Beautiful poems and pics, Jean!