Thursday, August 20, 2009


I'm supposed to be analyzing a children's book today. But I've been so busy working on writing projects for my church, that my reading time has been slashed this week. Reading, writing, volunteering, helping family, leading at church...some weeks I simply have to concentrate on one or two areas more than the others. (Those sneaky little deadlines!) It's like following a healthy diet. NO ONE sticks to their healthy diet every day, every meal. It's all a matter of balancing the goodies with the necessities over the weeks and months and years.

Just as I stopped feeling guilty over an occasional hot fudge brownie sundae (right, Pam?) I've stopped beating myself up because some weeks I can't scratch every item off my To-Do list. There's always next week!

Now, don't you feel better knowing that you are not the ONLY imperfect writer out there?

This week, between deadlines, I've been mulling over some ways to spark my creativity. I've never been known as an "outside the box" thinker. I've always loved coloring books and enjoyed staying very deliberately inside those lines. I'm afraid I prefer order and organization to flair.

But I've learned that delving into creative activities enables me to be a better writer. Here are a few things I enjoy doing that stir up those creative juices for me:

Sketching (though I'm really no good at it.)
Sewing accessories for my home
Trying a new recipe
Rearranging my garden (which also involves lots of mindless work like digging!)
Making silk flower arrangements
Making a wreath for our front door
Scrap booking (I do very little of this one.)
Writing poetry
Reorganizing the books on my book shelves (lots of books!)
Cleaning out closets and pantries (This one also feeds my inner need for organization!)
Refinishing rescued furniture
Cutting and pasting with our grandsons
Making up wild stories for them
Photographing the plants and insects in my garden

I've found that taking a break from the keyboard to have some fun with these activities enables me to come back to my writing refreshed and ready to create.

What accelerates your creativity? Please share it with us--even if--especially if--you don't usually leave comments. I'd love to hear what works for you!


Amy Tate said...

Jean, in my hunt for upcoming writer conferences, I ran across the American Christian Writer's store. From last year's conference, Sharon Hinck did a workshop called, Habits of the Healthy Writer. I bought it and listened to it this morning. You HAVE to hear it. It deals with much of what you've just posted. I was so encouraged by it - and God used it to bring some things to mind. Sometimes I listen to that still soft voice and other times God uses a megaphone to beat me over the head. I'm bruised but it was worth it.

Jean said...

Thanks, Amy. I'll have to order that tape.

We, the Write2Ignite! Team have formed an American Christian Writer's Group. We plan to extend membership to people who attend the Conference.

Thanks for visiting faithfully.


Amy Tate said...

How exciting!