Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I love words.

I know, it's crazy. People love different things: dogs, cats, cars, tennis, chocolate. I love words. Words that bring beauty and truth into our lives.

Words are powerful. They can peel back the layers and reveal our souls. Or, they can completely mask them.

The Bible - God's words for us - tells us that our words have the power to destroy other people. And our words have the power to build other people up.

I hope the words I pen here will encourage other writers. Encourage you to step out and take a few calculated risks with your words. Encourage you to share with others the good things you've learned through your words. Encourage you to instruct, entertain, and encourage other people with your words.

To write often, and to learn to write well.


Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Jean -

Welcome to the blogosphere! I'm pretty new at this blogging thing myself. My last post was #54.

I saw your comment on Quiet Spirit's blog, and decided to pay you a visit. You've got some tantalizing links on your blogroll.

I've added you to my favorites and will be back. :)


Julie said...

Hi Jean ! I love your writing! May God take your love of words and use it for His kingdom! I will certainly be watching .. I've bookmarked your blog...

and thank you for introducing yourself on my blog.. I had to smile though.. you happened onto an old post... I have been writing regularly...

Lisa Simmons said...

I think we must be sisters (I know we're sisters in Christ). I love words too! Everything becomes a word or a pun to me. I'm looking forward to getting my first book published. I don't know when/or if it will be but I'm getting it out there at least.